About Us

Altora Ag is an exciting venture between BFB and Daybreak Cropping

BFB and Daybreak Cropping have joined forces. Together we have the vision to transform two key players in regional Australia into a national agribusiness success story.

As we enter a new era in Australian agriculture, our purpose acts as our North Star.

It reflects what is true about us today, and helps guide us together into tomorrow.

'Bringing heart to modern agriculture'

Its the combination of heart and modernity that strikes the right balance between where we are and where we're going.

Heart represents our farms, our homes and our communities. It speaks to the way we care about people, with a focus on safety and empathy. It demonstrates how we always aim to operate sustainably and with integrity.

Modern agriculture speaks to growth, and what we're still yet to achieve. We demonstrate it through effective governance, production, and embracing technology that will help us get there.