Our Story

The name may be new, but we’ve got a long history in regional Australia

We’ve been operating in Australia for almost 40 years. Our journey has seen a lot change over the years, but one thing has stayed the same: the Altora Ag story is one about finding the right opportunities, embracing possibility, and growing together.

1985 – BFB begins

The Brabin, Firman and Block (BFB) families partner to deliver quality freight, grain and fuel services. Based in Temora, servicing the Riverina region of NSW.

1988 – Expanding into fertiliser

BFB Pty Ltd is formed, and the company expands its capabilities to fertiliser distribution.

1999 – A joint venture

In a joint venture partnership with Cargill Australia, a new site is developed with railway access to 10,000mt silos and 120,000mt bunkers.

2009 – Blackriver gains a majority

Blackriver Investments acquires a majority stake in BFB.

2010 – Expansion ahead

The business experiences a major period of expansion. Broadacre farmland is increased to more than 50,000 hectares, grain storage capability of 350,000mt, and further strengthening of the logistics fleet.

2016 – Daybreak Cropping

Daybreak Cropping is established as a national broadacre cropping business.

Over the next six years, Daybreak Cropping acquires properties across NSW, QLD, VIC and WA - expanding to a total 105,000 hectares of arable dryland cropping farmland.

2019 – PSP acquires BFB

PSP acquires a majority stake in BFB.

2023 – A new era

Daybreak Cropping and BFB Pty Ltd merge to become Altora Ag - Australia’s largest broadacre agribusiness. Over 153,000 hectares of land is managed under the Altora Ag brand.