Sustainable farms, homes and communities

We know a farm is not just another place of business. It's a home, and it's part of a community.

At Altora Ag, we have a commitment to supporting the communities that support us, localy, regionaly and nationaly.

Local & Regional Communities

Altora Ag supports a number of local sports clubs, schools and community events, including youth mental health awareness, red shield appeal, Movember, fundraisers, food bank and many local events.

Our business supports local contractors on a regular, long term basis to assist with activities on farm and with the movement of grain through contractor logistics operators.  The work that Altora Ag provides to these contractors allows a stable income to ensure local companies can continue to grow and employee staff, upgrade machinery locally having a multiplier effect within the local economy.

Our commitment to locally source tradespersons, office supplies, vehicle dealerships and agricultural products timely and economically provides stability for the farming businesses within our community. With the exposure to seasonal variabilities, the ability to ensure product availability for our clients is important for the sustainability of our region.  

National Communities

PSP Investments and Australian partnerships within its Natural Resources group, which include some of the nation’s leading farming companies, have entered into a three-year agreement to support the Clontarf Foundation and the Stars Foundation, as part of a commitment to help young Indigenous Australians succeed.